Tile5 Reviewed – A cross device mapping and tiling library

Back in August 2010 project slick was renamed to tile5 with a Youch. A product of Sidelab, Slick was primarily born to create a HTML5 canvas based tiling map layer to meet the needs of the mapping application. Why Tile5: Tile5 aims to solve the following pain points:
  • Offer cross-device HTML5 mapping that feels as good as a native device implementation.
  • Support ever growing number of mobile devices and map providers with one single easy to use interface.
Who will use Tile5: Tile5 is targeted to the applications which want to provide a mapping interface consistent across web and mobile devices. What does it offer(Feature Set): Tile5js is a feature rich library(A lot of features are under planned development as well). It provides:
  • Mapping support for all the major desktop and mobile browsers supporting HTML5.
  • Mapping  Support for all the major web and mobile devices.
For information on the supported devices you can check Device Compatibility roadmap. How much does it cost: Tile5js is open source and is released under MIT License. It means that you can use and distribute it freely in accordance with the MIT License terms and conditions. Whats missing: We would really like to see Google maps integration to come fast because Google maps is becoming quite a standard now for mapping. How to remain updated about tile5js: You can visit the tile5 homepage for a few nifty demos and usage. You can also follow tile5 js on twitter @tile5js to know about latest developments. With the mobile revolution hitting the markets and to support growing number of application requirements, products such as tile5 might prove to be a great asset in the long run.