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Top 5 Client/ Server ERP solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become  a major component of organizations. It is widely used to increase efficiency and productivity of the company. It helps the companies to manage resources and monitor them on a real-time basis. The global and competitive environment between companies has made it necessary for companies to have some sort of ERP in place. Let us check out the top 5 ERP solutions available in the market-
  1. Epicor

Image result for epicor It has been established in 1972 and has been in the market for a very long time. The company has introduced many reputable products, and has over 20,000 customers in 140 countries all over the world. They have high good value added reseller channel and provides strong industry solutions. The best part about the company is its pool of ERP consultants and products offered by the company are low to moderately price.
  1. Infor

Image result for infor It is the 3rd largest company in the ERP market which was found in 2002. It has a major role in introducing enterprise software for financial systems, supply-chain management and customer relationship management. They have more than 70,000 customers all over the world. The company is known to provide vertical ERP solutions and boast key strength in manufacturing solution. They provide ERP solutions for complex and non-continuous manufacturing. Solutions provided by the company are low to moderate in price.
  1. Microsoft

Image result for microsoft erp With 83,000 world-wide customers, Microsoft has a strong presence in Small Medium Business segment and mid-market. Microsoft ERP products are only sold value through re-seller. You can make data-driven decisions with a complete set of ERP tools to provide global visibility, scalability, and digital intelligence.
  1. Oracle

Image result for oracle erp It is 2nd in the ERP market and number 1 in CRM market. The company has over 30 years of experience in the market. The products offered by them has flexible modules and open for customization. They are in high price band.
  1. SAP

Image result for sap erp It is the largest player in the ERP market. They have over 108 functional modules being pioneer in the industry. The products offered by the company are in high-price band.  

Small Market Business Leader

It is dominated by Microsoft ERP products. The company has gained some acquired customers in recent past which has  added value to its ERP portfolio.

Middle Market Leaders

Epicor and Infor are strong players in middle market. Epicor is robust in financial, hospitality, .retail, etc. sectors.

Global Companies and Large Enterprises

SAP is the leader of this market as it provides accounting solution software, which tightly integrate all major departments throughout the company. Oracle is in acquisition of PeoplSoft has came out as a strong force in ERP market.


The ERP solution is evolving rapidly. Most of the organizations use them for efficiency in their work. Apart from the top five, the open source ERPs are yet to prove themselves as a replacement or commercial ERP applications. The market of ERPs is the future of computing.

Database name in webERP

Recently we implemented a weberp based solution for one of our esteemed clients. The development server was hosted on apthost and hence we had to manage database from the apthost cpanel. As we are all aware of the fact that cpanel will pre-append the user name of the shared user to the database that you create from it, we wanted weberp to adjust database name according to that (or for that matter, what ever may be the reason for you to chose a different database name. In case you are interested in looking at other solutions, do checkout our post on open source erp solutions. Weberp supports multiple companies in one installation and hence there can be multiple databases. The trick here is that the name of the database must match the name of the sub-directory in the companies folder. We have been getting a lot of queries on if we can change the association of sub-directories with the database name in the webERP. Unfortunately as of weberp version 3.11, There is still no getting around the fact that the database name and the sub directory under the company directory should still be identical. In case, you are using webERP thro its web-services, then you would need to make another change for the end points to work correctly. You will need to change the variable $DatabaseName to refer to the name of your database. The variable is defined in apiapi_php.php
Change this to the name of your company and you will be all set to go. Though this is not a proper method and proper implementation should be introduced to specify the name of the company from the API calls, but this works for now. Good Luck with your webERP implementation !!