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Android Oreo Features: Powers, and Beyond

Android Oreo is officially out from the beta program. It will be reaching out to the Nexus and Pixel in the next few weeks. Now that it is reaching out of the Beta program, it is the time to unveil its features. It is the eighth major launch of world’s most popular mobile operating system. android_o_android_oreo_reveal According to the buzz in the market, it is full of amazing features. The team has solved many problems users were facing earlier. Let us look at the features.

1. Safety and security vitals

1 It is not an easily noticeable feature because it would be running in the background. It keeps your device safe from viruses, worms, and hackers. In short, it is providing you a new security layer.

2. Longer battery life

2 It reduces the number of processes running in the background when multiple applications are open. Limited applications in the background save the battery.

3. Autofill

3 It allows your device to remember your password and details to reduce the pain of typing it many times. This feature helps you to auto-fill the details across apps and web.

4. Notification Dots

4 It allows the notification dots to appear above the app if notifications are pending. One can press the notification dots to have a sneak peek of the notifications.

5. Smarter Wi-Fi

5 Android Oreo has automatic Wi-Fi disabling and connecting detectors. It automatically turns Wi-Fi on and off when it detects you are at home and reconnect to save mobile data.

6. Picture-in-Picture

6 This feature is already present in iOS and some Android tablets. Android O is introducing it on the phone. One can use two different apps simultaneously with PiP feature.
This is just a sneak-peek into the features of Android O. You can check out all the features on Android Oreo website. There are many new features to make Android efficient and easy-to-use. It is already out in the market, and Google says the majority of Android partners will get this update before 2017 ends.

Android O Features Every Developer Should Know

Google has launched the third developer preview build with Android O for Android app developers. It has been confirmed that the Android version will be Android 8.0. In the third preview, final Android O APIs and various alluring features were released. The features are categorized in two major categories viz. Fluid experiences and Android Vitals. Let us have a look at them- Android-O-Logo


Fluid experiences are majorly launched for improving the UX. These features will help the Android app developers to offer better user experience. Check out the features that can be used for mobile app development:

#1 Picture in Picture

This feature allows the user to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, like in smart televisions. In this feature, the screen will be divided into two halves which mean you can play a video and do another task simultaneously. For including this feature in your project, you have to specify the user behavior while switching apps. If one of the apps include video, you have to change the code to handle playback, else updating is not required.

#2 Smart text selection

Smart text selection is the result of Google AI. It will help people to perform tasks related to text selection. It will make the selection task much easier, one need not select the whole content. When you will tap on a phrase, it will be selected automatically. This feature will work for all apps, by default.
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#3 Autofill framework

Autofill framework is a boon for e-commerce Android app developer. It will enable the app to pull from user data and suggest for different form fields while will make the login process easier and faster. This feature is also available by default, but the performance can be optimized by the developers.

#4 TensorFlow Lite Google

It is a special version of an open source TensorFlow software library that helps mobile apps remain fast and small with machine learning. Image result for android O


In Android O, features associated with security of Android app marketplace and optimization of app performance are under this category. Some of the features are as follow:

#1 Google Play Protect

With the introduction of this feature, no app will go on Google play store without examining its security. The apps will be scanned every day to overcome threats. Android O will run escalating security checks even on the unofficial app store. It will allow the users to check for malicious apps and even search for a lost phone.

#2 OS Optimizations

Major improvements in Android O includes improvement in boot time of Android devices, memory management, battery consumption, and overall performance. The boot time of Android O on Pixel is two times faster than Android N. Though there are limitations such as background executions, location sensing and scanning for wifi networks.

#3 Android vitals dashboard

Google has launched the dashboard on Play console which will help the developers to check their app’s performance, identify issues and overcome them. It will also play a major role in app optimization and to grow the user base.
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#4 Android Go

It is a new OS for low-end devices which is a lightweight version of Android O, designed for the smartphones with 1 GB or less RAM. The apps available on Play Store will also be optimized to run on low memory devices.

#5 Instant Apps

Lightweight apps can be published with this feature. It will also allow users to experience app without downloading and installing them. In addition, it will also help the developers to drive revenue without a download.

#6 Dots Notification

This feature is a total savage for some users as it will display notification badges to show pending notifications without opening the app. These are some of the amazing features of Android O. You can also share your knowledge and experience with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.