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Debugging Android APK on Device using Eclipse

Lets accept it, a lot of us face this problem where debugging doesn’t help on emulator and one has to debug the android application on the device itself. I will try to explain on how to do this in a step by step manner. Before actually going into the topic let us understand what ADB is. ADB The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a command line tool that handles debug communication between a debugger on the host (DDMS) and an Android image running on the target (Emulator or Device). Setting up a Device FOR DEBUGGING Debugging APK from device using Eclipse
  • Export signed/unsigned apk from Eclipse and install on device
  • Connect device to your machine using USB cable
  • Now click on windows >open perspective >DDMS in top menu eclipse
  • Select Devices
  • Following screen will apper
  • when you click on your device, all the running apps will be shown
  • Now click on green debug icon on top as shown in pic below
image Your application is now being debugged on device. Hope this saves some of our valuable time !!