Static Web Pages vs Dynamic Web Pages: Which One is the King?

The technology has gone way too far. Many different languages have come up for website development. But you cannot move forward without knowing the basics. The first thing I learnt about web pages was its types. So, there are two type of pages: Static web pages and Dynamic web pages. Let us compare them and talk about which one is better. Image result for Static Web Pages and Dynamic Web Pages
#1 The major and very first difference is that static pages are written in plain HTML, whereas dynamic pages are written using a server-side language like PHP, ASP, Java, etc.
#2 The content displayed on a static web page is the content written in the code of the page. The content in a dynamic site is called in by the scripting language. It is called in from other files or a database depending on actions taken by the user.
Image result for Static Web Pages and Dynamic Web Pages#3 Static sites are easy to develop, costs cheaper in comparison to dynamic sites.
#4 Dynamic sites are more functional and easier to update. If you want to update a static website, you have to be conversant with HTML coding.
Image result for Static Web Pages and Dynamic Web Pages#5 Static sites are less interactive and engaging. It allows you to use different themes, but there will be no user engagement.
Overall, dynamic websites cost more, but according to today’s era, they are more beneficial for business purposes. Static websites are long gone, and there are few companies that still use them. You should rather get a dynamic website developed which will help your business in many ways.