PDFTools Review – Free and open source PDF Manipulation Utilities

PDF Tools is a free program for personal or commercial use. It is a PDF management application. It can encrypt, decrypt, join, split, stamp, create and rearrange a PDF file. Here is the snapshot to an easy to use interface.

Sample.jpg (265×200)

Why PDF TOOLS: To edit the text or writing a PDF document is a complicated task, especially if we do not have the original file (before the change to PDF format). Editing/manipulating the PDF can be done only with very expensive paid software such as Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader). PDF Tools is a fast and easy to use tool allowing you to make PDF manipulations cheaply and easily. The set of functionality includes but not limited to:
  • Editing or adding data into the document information fields of single or multiple PDF files.
  • Actions including page layout, page size, page margin, page orientation, metadata, optimization, and others into your existing PDF files.
  • Edit the layout, information, merge, split, or simply add the information in PDF documents
WHAT DOES IT OFFER (FEATURES): PDF Tools is easy to use application. Its main window gives easy access to all features available in PDF Tools.

Encrypt-PDF.jpg (187×163)

  • Encrypt PDF: Allows you to have password to protect any PDF file. Also, you can specify additional features for protected PDF. Note: Some of the features are only available if you select 128 bit encryption.

encrypt1.jpg (214×166)

  • Decrypt PDF: Allows you to create a protection-free version of an encrypted PDF file.

decrypt.jpg (224×175)

  • Join PDFs: As the name suggest, it allows you to create a PDF file by joining multiple PDF files.

join-pdf.jpg (226×182)

  • Split PDF: Split option allows you to split a PDF file in multiple ways. You can split each page to new PDF, split even pages to new PDF, split odd pages to new PDF, split after giving page number, split at every given page count or split a range of pages to new PDF file.

split-pdf.jpg (204×165)

  • Stamp PDF: Stamp PDF allows you to overlay (or stamp) a Text or Image over a PDF file. You can overlay Text/Image at pre-defined location in pages or at any custom location by giving its X and Y position. For text, in custom position you can define angle (in Degrees) for text. For Image, you can define the scaling for image. Scale option is available for both pre-defined location and custom location.

stamp.jpg (205×163)

  • Rearrange PDF: It is to arrange pages in a PDF file. You can reverse all pages, copy multiple pages on single page or create handout style pages.

rearrange.jpg (199×163)

create.jpg (196×162)

How much does it cost? PDF Tools are open source and free software and given its capabilities, it stand apart from others. How to remain updated about pdf tools: You can visit the pdftool homepage to check for the latest versions and tools.