Major Modules of vTiger CRM and its uses

vTiger CRM is a big name in open source CRMs. It is a full-featured CRM which was divided from SugarCRM. Generally, it is used by small-medium business with comparable functionality like SugarCRM and The reason it is better than other CRMs is that it provides features like customer portal, Outlook plug-in, and reporting, which are under paid version in other CRM applications. Another good part of vTiger is that it has an active community of users worldwide. It has different modules which make it an efficient CRM. Let us check out the key modules of vTiger CRM-

Lead Management:

This module manages the leads from creating to converting them into opportunities. It import leads from external sources like trade shows, seminars, web downloads, and direct mail. It also changes lead status according to the sales process. Users can convert their leads into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with just one-click.

Account Management:

It keeps a track on all the activities related to accounts and things related to it. It can easily track the parent-child relation between different account and their divisions. The best thing is it takes accounts from external sources, like GoldMine, ACT, and other applications. For future reference, it attaches customer-specific documents to accounts.

Product Customization:

You can consider it as inventory management. It makes custom fields/ pick lists according to business requirements. You can also personalize tabs by using drag & drop functionality to veil the modules irrelevant to sales process. Image result for vtiger crm features list

Activity Management:

This module basically makes your work faster. It adds vital information of clients or customers in vTiger CRM. It also stores all the details of customer’s call and meeting and manages daily tasks.

Contact Management:

As mentioned above, it tracks down all contact and related opportunities, activities, and other details from a common place. It creates contact hierarchy within a company for coordinating while dealing with customers. It also imports and exports contacts from external sources and to spreadsheet software respectively for further analysis.

Security Management:

For better security management, it defines team roles according to organization structure and controls the access to modules as per employee’s role and saves the login history of each user.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in:

You can also add outbound and forward inbound Outlook e-mails to vTiger CRM. One can also synchronize contacts, tasks, and calendar between Microsoft and Outlook and vTiger CRM. It also helps to filter e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and adds emails, which are necessary.

Opportunity Management:

It tracks all sales opportunities and other associated opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to enhance better visibility. It also exports opportunities to spreadsheet software like Open Office, Microsoft Excel, and others in order to examine the sales pipeline and quickly recognize the restricted access. vtiger-for-implementation-26-638


In conclusion, vTiger CRM is among the best and easy to use CRMs. It efficiently manage your data at a cost-effective way. So, the choice is yours which one is best for you.