Localization Of Modern Day Advertising

Advertising is a complex field and the advertising companies are generally very creative(They have to be that way). They notice the pattern very fast and act on it immediately. Localization is one such pattern. You will observe that many International advertising companies have branches or agencies representing them in several countries around the world. In the post, we will try to analyze the main reasons that these companies have behind this strategy:

They employees in the local office are natives of that particular country. This breaks the language barrier and hence helps to create a locally targeted advertisement. None can match the fluency in a particular language than a native speaker. The comfort reflects in the vocab usage and how the vocab is interpreted. This ensures a crystal clear advertisement campaign which can be understood clearly by the target viewers.

Words play an important part in an advertisement campaign. The words might be used interchangeably in an advertisement campaign. e.g.  The word price alone can be used differently depending on the context and usage. The phrase, “that is the price you have to pay for” can directly mean that, or, it can be mentioned as an idiomatic expression. For one who speaks English as a second language may, at times, interchange the pronunciation with the word prize. A native speaker will recognize how to use a particular word perfectly in an advertisement.

The list of new words on the vocab can be recognized by only native speakers. These words become the clinch of the advertisement sometime and may become the difference between successful and failed advertisement. A good example of new words that were not in the dictionary was nerd, newbie, dude, geek and dork. These words became an advertisement for the movies that were using them and we already know the results.

Another visible advantage of having local offices is a better communication with clients. As an example if they start an office in middle east, local employees will be much more skilled to talk to the local clients there.

It is a fact that an advertisement in one country may not necessarily be a market grabber in other countries. One type of advertisement that will stick in the minds of consumers will be those that are funny and hilarious ones. They never fail to get the attention of the audience in a few countries while they may not work in a few other countries e.g. An Advertising Agency Dubai can capitalize more on unique things in the world rather than the hilarious advertisement.

And last but not the least, advertising campaign is an expensive affair and advertisement companies have a lot of margin behind each of the campaigns. Hence they would go to any extent to grab clients and make better campaigns. Localization is the recent trend thats booming to achieve this goal !!