Migradoc Reviewed – .NET library for rendering and modelling documents

MigraDoc is the “family name” of several products and tools from empira Software GmbH. MigraDoc foundation (formerly referred to as MigraDoc Lite) is the .NET library for modeling and rendering documents. Why Migradoc: The library:
  • Supports most of the word processing features like paragraphs, tables, charts, arrange all this in sections, use bookmarks to create links, tables of contents, indexes, etc.
  • Supports creating PDF, XPS, or RTF documents.
  • Can be called from any of the .NET languages.
  • Combines seamlessly with PDFSharp to support extra fine PDF features and functionality.
Who will use Migradoc: Migradoc is a library meant for:
  • Developers who want to create rich documents on fly.
  • Can be used on server side for producing documents via a web application.
How much does it cost: Migradoc is free to use and is licensed under MIT license. According to the host website, it will remain free in a far future. How to remain updated about migradoc: You can visit the migradoc homepage for download and to review latest versions and bug fix reports.