Is it still useful to immigrate to Canada as a techie from India in 2019 or after ?

Over the past few years, Canada has become a hot destination for Indian techies to immigrate to. A lot of Indian techies have been immigrating to Canada since the past 5 years, as Canada has opened its doors for skilled immigrants to try their luck and immigrate to Canada. Immigration to Canada has a lot of historical implications as a lot of Indian people have immigrated in the past and have made fortune there. However, Indian tech industry has boomed a lot in the past few years and it presents a whole lot of new opportunities to the people in tech industry in the India itself. In this post, we will analyze if it still makes sense for Indian techies to Immigrate to Canada in 2019. Lets analyze a few important factors which can help in making this decision:
  1. Lifestyle: Lifestyle depends on various factors and depending upon your priorities you can decide which factor weights in more for you:
    1. Medical: Canada has public medical system whereas its private in India. This means that you dont need to pay a penny for medical emergencies in Canada whereas in India, you will need to bear your own medical expenses(in the form of bill payment or the medical insurance payment). It might sound great for some people but private medical system means immediate attention whereas with public medical system you might have to wait quite a bit in the queue to get your treatment done. So both the systems have their owns pros and cons.
    2. 3 Ps: Pollution, population, public service are 3 important Ps in our day to day life. While India is a super fast growing developing economy, Canada is a developed country with settled systems. Canada will definitely win hands down on this prospect for now.
    3. Cost of Living: Canada and India have price parity of atleast 4x. this means that the total living expense in Canada will be atleast 4x of that in an equal sized in India. So Canada is far far expensive in this regard. If you are the one who feels comfort in savings, Canada is probably not the place for you.
  2. Salaries: This is a very important aspect that has changed drastically over the past few years. Though the Canadian salaries in most of the streams match the cost of living parity, you will save much more in the tech streams in India. There is almost same salary in India(dollar to dollar) and though the expenses in India are much lesser than that in Canada, you will end up saving much more. in India.
  3. Taxes: Canada is a socialistic economy supported largely by taxes, expect to pay much higher taxes in Canada than in India. With that said, the earning or business opportunities are much higher paying in Canada.
I hope this post gives an idea of some differences. The decision of whether to immigrate to Canada from India is no longer black and white and dynamic is quickly changing and worth reanalysing especially if you are in tech industry.