How to Ensure Data Security With Mobile ERP

Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are very helpful for large corporations. Especially, when it comes down to streamlining business process, managing human resources, tracking inventory, and ultimately boosting business revenues. It has helped many organizations to handle a large amount of data with mobility. But it has come with few disadvantages which include data breaching. So, opting for this situation comes with risk as well. Let us check out the list of security features for better mobile ERP solution-

1) Device Security

Device security allows you lock or wipe the mobile device if it gets lost or stolen. It also incorporates password policies and set up a mechanism to detect device misuse through fiddling with device setting or something else. Apart from this, features like device lockdown and blacklisting of suspicious apps or apps from unknown sources can also enhance the protection of data from hackers.

2) Location Tracking

As the name suggests, it can track or locate the device to minimize the security issues if the devices get lost or stolen. Although it is a basic security aspect, it is undeniably an important feature. mobile-crm

3) Secure Remote Access

It includes setting up a private and encrypted connection between mobile devices and the corporate network. It helps to safely transfer the information and keeping it safe from the hackers, it becomes difficult for them to decode the information.

4) Encryption

It is necessary to have encryption services in EMM. With encryption. IT department of an organization can have full control over the system and encryption process through a separate app-based workspace containing all the saved corporate data. With a strong encryption backup, data will even remain safe in a device without password protection.

5) Data leakage protection

It enables the prevention of deliberate or unintentional exchange of data from a mobile device which means it may provide access to authorized applications on a device when it comes to viewing a file but it will not allow any untrusted application like a cloud-based app to open or save the file. Image result for mobile erp

6) Secure Software Distribution

It helps to securely push the code of the application and it becomes possible to track the installed applications and successfully uninstall the application which violates the security of the system.

7) Advanced features & support in Platforms like Android, iOS, Windows

Some advanced features offer great scope for enhancing data security. It separates the personal and business data to ensure high-level of encryption on Android, iOS, Windows or any device. Image result for mobile erp Although data breaching is a crime, people still do it to harm others’ business. These security features in mobile ERP will solve many problems and keep the data safe from any breach.