Geolocation- The Technology Behind GPS Based Services

You can take any social media, utility, or e-commerce app now, your location will be required for at least one or another purpose. The technology used for this trend is called Geolocation, and you can easily use it with a GPS-enabled smartphone. download

How does it work?

Any geolocation app does two things-
  • They report your location to other users
  • They associate real-world location (such as restaurants, superstores, events, etc.) with yours.
GPS work on the basis of the GPS chip installed in your phone that provides your exact location with geolocation apps like Google Maps. It gives the most accurate results when you are outside in clear sky. When GPS signals are unavailable, geolocation apps take the information from the cellular network triangular and your approximate position, though it would not be accurate. Some geolocation systems use GPS and cell site triangulation in combination to zero for the device location. This arrangement is called Assisted GPS (A-GPS). The geolocation app gives accurate results in the fairly clear sky. It causes problems in localities where storefronts are in close proximity. These issues are solved with A-GPS. ID:40746532

Favorite of Tech-Biggies

Geolocation has become mainstream. The tech giants are not only looking forward to it, they have made it one of the features for their apps. From Facebook to Snapchat, all these social media apps have special geolocation features. Facebook launched the geolocation feature that tells your location to your friends, while Snapchat has recently introduced the geolocation along with amazing graphics. Apart from this, Google introduced Google Buzz. Twitter has introduced the geolocation API that allows third-party developers to incorporate the feature into their apps.

Geolocation and Privacy

Unfortunately, your privacy is a major concern while sharing your location on social media. It puts your security at risk. Though companies¬†are working hard at keeping the privacy and reducing potential dangers, without always succeeding. Most apps provide you a certain level of privacy. geofencing-and-geolocation  

Application Based on Geolocation

Geolocation has become advanced with time, it has been applied to many location-based applications. Our team has also developed applications based on it called Vehicle Tracking System, GeoRadius, etc. These apps are used for fleet services, tracking services, taxi dispatch services, employment tracking services, field force tracking, etc. Also, these apps are used to provide solutions related to vehicle protection and personal safety. Apart from this, our team has also developed an app called Fooda which is used to order food from nearby restaurants. It has also used Geolocation technology for ordering food.  

Where is it heading?

Right now, real world applications of Geolocation are growing at fast pace. Apart from mobile data penetration and gaming, the location-based apps are used for many important operations in different industries. Enbake has dedicated team in the field of GPS telemetry who has been working on location driven mobile and web apps for industry verticals such transportation, food delivery, education, personal tracking, and insurance.