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Struggling between hiring an agency or a freelancer? Here is a solution!

Choosing between hiring a technology firm and a freelancer is undoubtedly one of the most confusing things. Everyone go through this struggle. The website is a reflection of a company. It defines their work, and give the visitor a rough idea about the company’s profile. One cannot put the company’s reputation at stake to save a few bucks. In this article, we will try to make your decision easier. There are few things you need to know about project & company before hiring.  Let us check out-

1. Know the scope of your project

Image result for scope of project The first thing you need to know is the scope of your project. Evaluate the needs & requirements of your project. Analyze the team requirement and size. You need to decide what kind of website you want to develop. If your project requires a large team, then a freelancer would not be a good choice for you.

2. Hire the right skill set

The right skill set refers to the difference between designing and development. It makes a huge difference. If you are uncertain about these things, you need to go back to the scope of the project, and then decide.
  • Web Designer: The designer develops the look and flow of the site. They work on HTML & CSS most of the time.
  • Web Developer: They are programmers who are primarily focused on coding, mechanics, and functionality of the website. They work on different frameworks and languages.
Now you can easily select which one do you want.

3. Look at their portfolio & experience

Image result for company portfolio Before jumping into an agreement or contract, you need to check out if they are reliable. Check their previous work, portfolio, website, etc. If you are planning to hire a freelancer, then you should check his/ her work profile on those websites.

4. Get to know them

Image result for teamwork Narrow down the candidates, and get to know more about them. Know more about their previous work, check out their reviews on different platforms. Good communication is critical, especially if you’re working with a remote team. Do they reply to your emails on time? Would it be possible for them to provide templates on time?

5. Hire!

Now, you have crossed all four steps, you are ready to hire the team! Image result for hire! You need to be careful while hiring someone for your work. There will be advantages and disadvantages, but you need to evaluate the pros and cons of both, and then make the decision.  

The Email Marketing Checklist

Digital marketing is not similar to the native marketing. There are a lot of differences and categories. And by categories, I’m trying to refer to different categories in digital marketing itself. And one such category is email marketing. Email marketing is one step up from the native marketing and one down from the digital affiliate marketing. And you just cannot afford to make mistakes in email marketing because it is next to impossible to correct or hide them. Image result for email marketing   Making mistakes in sending out an email to a huge audience could literally ruin the brand consistency and reputation. It is a marketer’s worst nightmare. So, it is extremely important to check and double-check the email before hitting the send button. And for double-checking, you should have a checklist.

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The check is kind of a quality analysis before hitting ‘send’.  It helps you ensure that you have a well-structured email. Before jumping into the checklist, let us check out what does a well-structure email means.

Writing an email for marketing purpose consist of four basic steps-

  • Audience: Who is the receiver of the mail?
  • Content: What you are trying to say? What should be written?
  • Creative: How does the email look?
  • Campaign: The campaign that is sending out your email.
These four things may seem obvious, but adding these things to your checklist is important. You will have an overview of what are the components and if you are doing anything wrong.

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Now let us check out the checklist, and if you do not have one, it is the time to make it.

A good checklist depends on how well do you know the basic components of email marketing. Making edits and check few lines in an email could influence other components as well. Example- If you change the subject line of your email, you may need to change the content or create a new audience as well. Now we will be discussing four basic components according to different criteria-

#1 Follow the basics

Basics refer to the company’s practice/ style that they have been following for the process. One need to iterate those best practices to create consistency across all the communications, especially if you have a large team. If there are multiple people working on sending emails to different audiences, it becomes a necessity, so that it becomes easy for the reader to take an action. Check out how it works with basic components-
  • Make sure whether the names of the recipients are written in proper format.
  • Exclude the bad email values from the list
  • Refer to the most up-to-date fields created by marketing operations
  • Use influential language according to the business type
  • Keep a check on editorial, spellings, capitalization guides etc.
  • Check whether all the dynamic content appears properly on the client side.
  • Give description for all the images.
  • Check the correct time zone.
  • Keep an hour difference between completion and scheduled timings, just in case you need to make last-minute changes.
  • Always put proper email addresses and check the email database carefully.
Image result for email marketing

#2 Edit and check for your biases and mistakes

Accept it or not, it is extremely hard to edit your own content. And as humans, we tend to make the same errors few times. That is where checklist becomes extremely important. We become a little bit biased while editing our own content. So rather than making a mistake, get it checked from your colleague. They pick up your mistakes more easily than you can. It is solely related to content, check out the following to solve this-
  • Edit until you get a final short and simple email
  • Never go out of context
  • Let you readers know what the asset or event you are trying to promote
  • The tone of email should match the tone of event
  • There is one basic of editing- write with compassion and edit without mercy.
  • Make sure that the punctuation and bullet points are consistent
  • Commas, capitalization, and grammar should be flawless
  • There should be no run-on sentences
  • Ensure the logo is linked properly
  • Give a look at HTML and text version of email
  • Header should be in all caps
  As a marketer, it is must to have a checklist than making mistakes in front of the reader. Most of the marketers have their own checklist, some of them are open about it while some keep it a secret. This is our checklist if you also have something we missed out on, share it with us in the comments.