Useful cakephp resources

As we moved forward developing newer and better applications in cakephp, we came across many great resources for cakephp. I will try enlisting a few of them here(not in any specific order) and will keep adding to them as I come across any. If you know of any great resource, please enlist that in the comment and I will add it here to the post. 1. Official CakePHP website: The number one source for CakePHP manuals, blogs, API’s, articles and tutorials is Official CakePHP website. 2. It provides great information and examples on Helpers in CakePHP 1.2, a really good source for people who want a hand’s on and visual explanation. 3. It provides new and brilliant ideas for CakePHP applications and offers easy to understand and user-friendly tutorials. 4. ThinkingPHP: ThinkingPHP is an all-round PHP information site. It also has a very helpful and detailed area dedicated to CakePHP. ThinkingPHP also monitors other popular CakePHP blogs and provides all the information in a common and easy to manage area. 5. The RolSoft Blog is an oldie, but a goodie! It has articles on integrating AJAX, speeding up SQL queries in CakePHP and much more. Most of the content is outdated, but it still serves to point people in the right direction and to offer food for thought. 6. Mariano Iglesias: This blog has buckets of information, everything from CakeFest information, CakePHP tips, framework write-ups and more. 7. CakePHP Google Group: This is the official Google Code group for CakePHP and it has a large member base. The community is very active and can be really helpful if you get stuck somewhere. 8. Tim Trice: This is a great blog that concentrates on articles aimed at the CakePHP beginner. Here, articles ranging from “What CakePHP can do” extend to extending the CakePHP Blog tutorial. 9. Another little CakePHP blog that had a couple of articles that really stood out to me. It is relatively new so there isn’t a great deal of content, but its more like quality over quantity. 10. In the Kitchen with CakePHP: This isn’t really a “site” as such but I thought it was worth a mention. “In the Kitchen with CakePHP” is a great tutorial for beginners who need a start to finish walkthrough of CakePHP and its features; it is also useful to have a read before selecting CakePHP as your framework of choice as it goes over many of the key features. 11. Andy Dawson’s Blog : Andy Dawson(ad7six) is a geek who has contributed several modules(components, behaviors, helpers or even modifying the core code) to cakephp core. If you are using cakephp, then you are most probably using one of his contributions. His blog is a great source of cakephp related information and a great guide to handling complex and simple problems with caekphp. 12. Debuggable Blog : Debuggable is a company focussed on writing cakephp and jquery applications. Felix Geisendörfer and Tim Koschützki founded debuggable. The Company’s blog is a great set of articles on the solution of real time problems in cakephp.