5 reason why Website Designing is the First Step Toward a Successful Business

We are in digital age and no matter how much we try to run away from spending money on designing a good website, all of us come to a dead end. If you are running a business, the very first step to getting your first client is to make a full-fledged website. According to a survey, there are still 30% companies who do not have a website. Also, there are 70-75% companies those have websites but they do not keep their websites up-to-date. Image result for website redesigning But the very first thing comes to mind is “WHY WEBSITE DESIGNING IS IMPORTANT FOR MY COMPANY?” So, we are here to answer this question to you. Here are 5 reasons why website designing is the first step toward a successful business:

1. It catches million of eyeballs and increase your reach and presence

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Who doesn’t use the internet now? I guess there is hardly any person who is away from technology. Having a responsive and good website increases your presence in the world. No matter in which corner of the world you are, if you have a website it will definitely give you an exposure.

2. A website gives you competitive edge

Image result for why us? No matter how good your product is, how smart solutions you have or how experienced your staff is; if you do not have a website, the potential customers and clients would not be able to reach you. In the end, they will find an alternative for you. All in all, having a website gives you a competitive edge as compared to your competitors.

3. A website reduces cost

Image result for website planning Now you must be wondering, making a website itself is an extra cost but it actually is a cost effective way toward a better future. Now ask yourself, how does website reduce the cost? Basically, it reduces your marketing cost, publishing cost and communication cost as well. Initial marketing might be required, but in long-term it reduces your marketing cost. 

4. It keeps your customers well-informed

Image result for find us here People don’t buy magazines and newspapers anymore, they keep applications in their mobiles. Similarly, you need to get over from the old-fashioned ways of doing business and keep your users engaged and well-informed with your website. Setting up a customer service backend office is not the only way to keep the user well-informed. You should also make your website informative and smart.

5. Increases credibility, trust and keeps you in touch with customer

Image result for we're here to help Accept it or not, if you have a website, you are available 24×7 a day according to your customer. Your online presence increases your credibility, trust and keeps you in touch with your customer. If you have a good online presence, the user trusts you more.

Now, what is the conclusion of these things?

All we are trying to say is every business, whether it is a small scale business or a full-fledged business, needs a website. It has its own advantages. It gives you benefit in its own way in the long run. We, at Enbake, are focusing on giving our clients the best of our services by providing them SEO friendly, user-friendly, easy-to-use and informative websites.