13 Tips to Build Blog Audience From the Scratch

Making a blog is not a difficult or big task, but building an audience is. It takes a while to develop blog audience, and sometimes it takes more than that. You may spend hours and months, but if you don’t have a strategy, it would take almost twice the time as per your expectations. You would either need an experienced SEO professional or you have to pay for these services. Image result for increase blog traffic And most of the time people ask what is the best way to get traffic on the website, the answer they get is ‘put great content on your website’. But having great content is not enough.

So let us check out some tips to build blog audience from the scratch-

1. Spread the word- It is a basic marketing technique. Tell your friends, family, colleagues, and the people you know. Take help from your social circle to read, comment and share the blog.
2. Social media is a great help now. Promote and share your blog on all your social media handles, and ask your friends to share it.
3. If you are busy and cannot take out time to post your blogs on social media, just link the blog to your social media profiles. It increases the engagement.
4. Always create a profile of your blog with the name of the blog so that people can find you even if your profile is not active. Image result for increase blog traffic 5. Connect to the blogger’s network, name some blog buddies, give them feedback, and ask them to give you feedback.
6. There are many blog networks, join a blog network, support each other with social sharing and commenting.
7. Be regular while posting the articles because readers quickly lose interest.
8. Comment on other’s blogs to contribute to the conversation. Image result for increase blog traffic 9. Join bloggers community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
10. Always keep in mind that high profile blogs do not show any interest in your contribution until they see that your blog is gaining traction.
11. Do guest posting for other blogs and write articles for other organizations.
12. Create backlinks on other blogs and websites.

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13. When you are done doing all of the above things, you can also move on to paid promotions.
Getting good traffic on your website could be difficult but it is important. Even if you are already working with marketing firms, you should do multiple tactics, not just rely on one method. Though it is difficult to determine which is the most effective method for your blog without trying different approaches.