Sharetribe- A Marketplace for Everyone

Now, building a new customized marketplace is not a difficult task. It is an easy step-by-step process in which you may need more than just a software. Sharetribe is a tool through which you can create your own marketplace, but you may require more than just a software.

What is Sharetribe?

Sharetribe has a solution for the entrepreneurs who lack technical resources- the Sharetribe team has taken the development process to next level. One can create their own marketplace from the scratch without coding with a 30-days free trial of Sharetribe. The platform facilitates anyone around the world to create their own marketplace in a couple of minutes. Isn’t it amazing? Sharetribe.Logo.ec1fe69c

Why Sharetribe?

Sharetribe comes with many advantages. The best part about it is the feature it holds. As mentioned, it is more than just a software, so have a look at its features-

1. The choice is all yours

Executing an idea has become easier with Sharetribe as it allows different options to do the same. You can sell products, facilitate peer-to-peer rentals, booking services, and much more. Overall, they support all the types of marketplaces, so, the choice is all yours.

2. Global payment methods

Another feature is built-in payment options. It accepts payment from both PayPal and all major credit cards. Available in 190+ countries and support 25+ currencies. 1496752188

3. Manage and Control

The admin panel of a marketplace is helpful for easy management and moderation of marketplace. Analyse the data precisely by connecting Google Analytics.

4. Browse effortlessly

It has advanced tools for refining and classifying the content using keywords. Different filters are available to structure the categories, subcategories, and custom filters. 501500_9577_4

5. Services made easy

Selling and renting services could not get easier! This feature made adding product information easy that includes pricing, geolocation, multiple photos, and managing their listings.

6. Go mobile with Sharetribe

Mobile phones are essential parts of our lives. So, making the marketplace responsive is a priority. Users can get a great experience on all the devices. The content loading and easy e-commerce options are available. The content loading is smooth and easy. CoMHtNNWYAArCSC

7. Designing is on point

Unlike other such software, tools are available to add custom branding- logos, cover photos, color themes, and custom domain. One can use CSS to customize and further design the hosted site.

8. Spread the word

Broadcast your marketplace on social media, get more sign ups, share the word on Facebook and Twitter. Easily link the blog with the marketplace. The best part is that all marketplaces of Sharetribe are SEO optimized. Sharetribe-Chat-Plugin

9. Manage the orders efficiently

The members and users can connect easily through messages. All the members will have their own inbox on the particular marketplace. They can also keep track of orders easily.

10. Affordable pricing

Sharetribe offers different options according to your demands and needs. One can avail a 30-days free trial. After which there are different pricing options available which start from $79 per month to $239 per month with different features. Screen_Shot_2014-11-13_at_18.25.13


In conclusion, Sharetribe has made many things easier. It is an amazing resource for the aspiring entrepreneurs. The main purpose of Sharetribe is to make marketplace easy for everyone.

Geolocation- The Technology Behind GPS Based Services

You can take any social media, utility, or e-commerce app now, your location will be required for at least one or another purpose. The technology used for this trend is called Geolocation, and you can easily use it with a GPS-enabled smartphone. download

How does it work?

Any geolocation app does two things-
  • They report your location to other users
  • They associate real-world location (such as restaurants, superstores, events, etc.) with yours.
GPS work on the basis of the GPS chip installed in your phone that provides your exact location with geolocation apps like Google Maps. It gives the most accurate results when you are outside in clear sky. When GPS signals are unavailable, geolocation apps take the information from the cellular network triangular and your approximate position, though it would not be accurate. Some geolocation systems use GPS and cell site triangulation in combination to zero for the device location. This arrangement is called Assisted GPS (A-GPS). The geolocation app gives accurate results in the fairly clear sky. It causes problems in localities where storefronts are in close proximity. These issues are solved with A-GPS. ID:40746532

Favorite of Tech-Biggies

Geolocation has become mainstream. The tech giants are not only looking forward to it, they have made it one of the features for their apps. From Facebook to Snapchat, all these social media apps have special geolocation features. Facebook launched the geolocation feature that tells your location to your friends, while Snapchat has recently introduced the geolocation along with amazing graphics. Apart from this, Google introduced Google Buzz. Twitter has introduced the geolocation API that allows third-party developers to incorporate the feature into their apps.

Geolocation and Privacy

Unfortunately, your privacy is a major concern while sharing your location on social media. It puts your security at risk. Though companies are working hard at keeping the privacy and reducing potential dangers, without always succeeding. Most apps provide you a certain level of privacy. geofencing-and-geolocation  

Application Based on Geolocation

Geolocation has become advanced with time, it has been applied to many location-based applications. Our team has also developed applications based on it called Vehicle Tracking System, GeoRadius, etc. These apps are used for fleet services, tracking services, taxi dispatch services, employment tracking services, field force tracking, etc. Also, these apps are used to provide solutions related to vehicle protection and personal safety. Apart from this, our team has also developed an app called Fooda which is used to order food from nearby restaurants. It has also used Geolocation technology for ordering food.  

Where is it heading?

Right now, real world applications of Geolocation are growing at fast pace. Apart from mobile data penetration and gaming, the location-based apps are used for many important operations in different industries. Enbake has dedicated team in the field of GPS telemetry who has been working on location driven mobile and web apps for industry verticals such transportation, food delivery, education, personal tracking, and insurance.

Upcoming IoT Based Apps for Better Tomorrow

IoT has opened new ways to create more lively products. It has different applications which enable the mobile apps to provide benefits on high speed. And this is the reason IoT has become a big hit in the development market. The developers and companies are trying their hands on IoT based products and development. So, let us have a look at potential products and area in which IoT be the master.

Smart Cities

iot2 IoT will play the biggest role in building smart cities in future. Let us see, how this technology would serve us in future.
  • It will be used to monitor the vibrations of buildings, bridges, flyovers, monuments, etc.
  • Noise pollution control with noise sensing devices.
  • Traffic control during peak hours, rainy days, and accidents.
  • Automatically switching the street lights on and off with sunlight sensing devices.


iot3 Wearables have become popular in last few years; especially, smart watches and bands. Along with this, it also combines traditional watches with some other features to make them more accessible. Let us check out how the power of IoT would help.
  • It allows users to automatically connect to devices at their home.
  • Apps that take help of big data and analytics to improvise living standards.
  • Ability to remotely monitor, manage, and control devices.
  • Also, enables the user to create new insights.

Building and Home Automation

iot4 As mentioned earlier, it is used to create innovative apps for automation. Let us have a look at how it would help in building and home automation.
  • These apps are used to improve security.
  • It also reduces energy usage and maintenance cost.
  • These apps are also used to keep a check on lights, temperature control, energy optimization, access control, etc.

Health Monitoring

iot5 This technology is also proven effective for the health sector. It is used to identify health problems, let us have a look at it.
  • One can check heart rate, digestive system, and blood pressure to name a few.
  • The information can be easily shared with the doctor for analysis.


Everything comes down to the fact that this technology is the future. It is taking over the technology world until a new more advanced technology comes. If you also have an idea for IoT based app, then share it with us in the comments section below or get in touch with our team.

Android Oreo Features: Powers, and Beyond

Android Oreo is officially out from the beta program. It will be reaching out to the Nexus and Pixel in the next few weeks. Now that it is reaching out of the Beta program, it is the time to unveil its features. It is the eighth major launch of world’s most popular mobile operating system. android_o_android_oreo_reveal According to the buzz in the market, it is full of amazing features. The team has solved many problems users were facing earlier. Let us look at the features.

1. Safety and security vitals

1 It is not an easily noticeable feature because it would be running in the background. It keeps your device safe from viruses, worms, and hackers. In short, it is providing you a new security layer.

2. Longer battery life

2 It reduces the number of processes running in the background when multiple applications are open. Limited applications in the background save the battery.

3. Autofill

3 It allows your device to remember your password and details to reduce the pain of typing it many times. This feature helps you to auto-fill the details across apps and web.

4. Notification Dots

4 It allows the notification dots to appear above the app if notifications are pending. One can press the notification dots to have a sneak peek of the notifications.

5. Smarter Wi-Fi

5 Android Oreo has automatic Wi-Fi disabling and connecting detectors. It automatically turns Wi-Fi on and off when it detects you are at home and reconnect to save mobile data.

6. Picture-in-Picture

6 This feature is already present in iOS and some Android tablets. Android O is introducing it on the phone. One can use two different apps simultaneously with PiP feature.
This is just a sneak-peek into the features of Android O. You can check out all the features on Android Oreo website. There are many new features to make Android efficient and easy-to-use. It is already out in the market, and Google says the majority of Android partners will get this update before 2017 ends.

Top 3 Designing Mistakes That No Designer Should Make

Flawless designs are mandatory nowadays. Customers have an eye for detail, they see everything carefully. So, a designer cannot afford to make small and common mistakes. It is the time to learn from the mistakes you have made in the past. eb-Design-Mistakes   As a designer, you need to understand that the mistakes you make have a huge impact on the customer’s business. So, you should try to avoid common mistakes. Here are three common designing mistakes that can cause a major harm to the client and your work as well-

#1 Clutter and inconsistent design

Designing goes hand in hand with creativity. A good design should be creative, but not cluttered and inconsistent. One thing that you should keep in mind while designing is that ‘more is less’. If you keep way too many things on one page, the visitor gets confused and may lose attention. Keep minimum, but relevant content on the page. Image result for inconsistent website designs

How can you fix it?

Keep one thing in mind that consistency and simplicity are what attracts the audiences most. So rather than adding so many things on your page, focus on what is important. The goal of the page should be clear, and the important elements should be visible. The consistency here refers to the color scheme and layout of the website. Completely changing the color scheme and layout of the website could confuse the user. Overall, consistency is required for brand building.

#2 A complicated navigation

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website. Having a complicated navigational design ruins the website. A visitor does not want to see a complicated website. And if it takes too much time to locate things on a website, the visitor prefers to move on to the next option. Image result for complicated navigation website

How can you fix it?

Unnecessary content is a total waste of space and customer’s time. Check every page of your website thoroughly, and remove the content and things that are not required. Easy navigation is indispensable for every page. All the pages should have a usual click pattern. Everything should be maximum 3 clicks away. User goes 8-10 click away only if the website is interesting.

#3 Using poor quality images

Sometimes when the client pressurises the designer, he/she ends up making the website live with poor quality images. And it turns out to be a big mistake. We are in the generation in which people use authentic high-quality images. If you are still using poor quality shutter images, it could be a huge disadvantage for the customer. Image result for poor quality images on website

How can you fix it?

You have two options. Either you can design your own images with different colors and typography or you can hire a photographer. The second one increases the website’s appeal.  


In the end, it is important for a business to create a website which can give results. It is the time to learn from the common mistakes. We hope these points would help you to become a better designer. Also, share you experiences and views with us in comment! 

Solidus: Next Generation of Spree Commerce

With Spree being acquired by First Data Corporation, they have stated that their support for the Spree open source project will be less. So, there is a new platform which is rumored to be equally good as Spree i.e. Solidus. It is a new open source e-commerce platform for high volume, complex super stores which is built on Ruby on Rails. It is a mountable engine that provides a scalable, stable, and highly customizable platform for e-commerce. solidus-ecommerce-platform-open-source-Blue-Stout

Let us dig a little bit deeper to know more about it.

Spree Commerce has been one of the best open source solutions built on Ruby on Rails. The reason behind is its lightweight code, minimal and modular approach from the first step. Apart from this, it is highly customizable and can be integrated easily. This is the reason, developers working on Spree were highly motivated, boasted quicker site load times and overall better storefront performance. Now that Spree is moving away from the open source project, there is a new solution for the enthusiasts: Solidus.
As mentioned above, Solidus is a new open source project which is carried by Spree’s open source community. They are creating high-quality code to overcome some of the problems people faced while using Spree. But, the truth is Solidus is not a replacement of Spree, it is a fork of Spree.
By fork we mean the development team has chosen a different path to build the same product on a different way. Spree Commerce project has been forked into Solidus. Spree 2.4 gave Solidus a foundation of Spree and diverged to a different direction. Related image

Is it better?

Solidus is a forked version of Spree 2.4, so it is similar to Spree. But it is moving forward with a vision of making following things better:
  • Increase the code integrity
  • Well defined extension points for simple and safer customization
  • Making it more secure
  • Introducing clear and stable API
  • Clear and straightforward migration path

Let us check out the Pros and Cons of choosing Solidus-


  • It is Spree 2.4 but a better version as Solidus has improved the product immensely.
  • Dedicated development team.
  • Solidus has created a slack channel for developers to always have access to support.


  • Many companies are not using it yet.
  • Many companies think that the solution is ‘too new’ to be used.
If we think about it, logically, then Solidus is just a newer and better version of Spree. So the ‘too new’ argument is actually invalid. Related image

Let us check out Pros and Cons of Choosing Spree-


  • Highly customizable
  • It is simple and can be used according to customer’s need


  • Spree is no longer supporting the open source project
  • The vulnerabilities and issues of Spree may not be resolved
  • Major contributors have moved on to other projects
How to migrate to Solidus if I am still using Spree?
Migrating to Solidus is pretty easy. But you need to keep few things in mind before migrating to Solidus. First, if you are using any earlier version of Spree than 2.4, then you need to upgrade it to version 2.4 before migrating. Second, if you are using the latest version of Spree, Soludius would recommend you to upgrade it to Solidus 1.1 which includes updated migrations to support data from Spree 3.0.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there is no need to panic if you are still using Spree. It is not a huge change or leap. In fact, it is a continuation of Spree with improvements. Solidus has got the support of some major brands like Bonobos, AYR, and Stembolt, so we can say that the future looks promising.

7 Key Principles of Mobile Web Designing

Designing is more than a website and a few pictures. There is much more to it. Though in this article, we will not go into the details, we will discuss some fundamental principles. These fundamental principles are applied to all mobile website design. Let us check them out-

#1 Design for mobile- based on most popular and important content

Image result for content Copy content from another website causes much more harm than you can ever expect. Mobile website user usually visits a website when they are looking for a solution. And content is what answers them.

#2 Everything should be available

Image result for clear mobile website design Availability refers to the fact that there should be everything a user can possibly look for, even if it is not visible. A user should be able to access all the important content on the website. The visitors gets annoyed when they could not find the information they are looking for.

#3 Limit navigation options

Image result for navigation options for mobile web designing You need to be sure about the information that you put in front of the user. In order to make your website mobile friendly, you need to reduce the number of clicks, number of menu layers, and you need to simplify it for the user.

#4 Buttons

Image result for buttons on mobile website While using a mobile website it becomes difficult for the user to click on the links in the text. So the designer should put buttons instead. Avoid the small fonts and minuscule buttons. Instead, use elements that are easy to click.

#5 Social media handle availability

Image result for social media handle availability on mobile website The design of the website is definitely important but keep your social media handles there. It gives the company better recognition and credibility.

#6 Watch your media

Media elements are important, they can cause problems for the mobile users. Video formats like Flash don’t play on certain mobile operating systems. You should also keep an eye on the large image files, bloated fonts, and unnecessary characters, they take unnecessary loading time.

#7 Problematic pop-ups

Image result for pop ups on mobile website Too many pop-ups annoy the mobile visitors. Too many sign-up boxes on a small screen are frustrating. Unless it is very important.

#8 Limited information

Asking for too much information would put the customer in confusion. Forms are a pain to fill out, especially when you are typing with your thumbs. Keep the text input needed as minimum as possible.   There are many other things about mobile web designing that you think. What are your principles? Share your ideas and advices in the comments.

Is it still useful to immigrate to Canada as a techie from India in 2019 or after ?

Over the past few years, Canada has become a hot destination for Indian techies to immigrate to. A lot of Indian techies have been immigrating to Canada since the past 5 years, as Canada has opened its doors for skilled immigrants to try their luck and immigrate to Canada. Immigration to Canada has a lot of historical implications as a lot of Indian people have immigrated in the past and have made fortune there. However, Indian tech industry has boomed a lot in the past few years and it presents a whole lot of new opportunities to the people in tech industry in the India itself. In this post, we will analyze if it still makes sense for Indian techies to Immigrate to Canada in 2019. Lets analyze a few important factors which can help in making this decision:
  1. Lifestyle: Lifestyle depends on various factors and depending upon your priorities you can decide which factor weights in more for you:
    1. Medical: Canada has public medical system whereas its private in India. This means that you dont need to pay a penny for medical emergencies in Canada whereas in India, you will need to bear your own medical expenses(in the form of bill payment or the medical insurance payment). It might sound great for some people but private medical system means immediate attention whereas with public medical system you might have to wait quite a bit in the queue to get your treatment done. So both the systems have their owns pros and cons.
    2. 3 Ps: Pollution, population, public service are 3 important Ps in our day to day life. While India is a super fast growing developing economy, Canada is a developed country with settled systems. Canada will definitely win hands down on this prospect for now.
    3. Cost of Living: Canada and India have price parity of atleast 4x. this means that the total living expense in Canada will be atleast 4x of that in an equal sized in India. So Canada is far far expensive in this regard. If you are the one who feels comfort in savings, Canada is probably not the place for you.
  2. Salaries: This is a very important aspect that has changed drastically over the past few years. Though the Canadian salaries in most of the streams match the cost of living parity, you will save much more in the tech streams in India. There is almost same salary in India(dollar to dollar) and though the expenses in India are much lesser than that in Canada, you will end up saving much more. in India.
  3. Taxes: Canada is a socialistic economy supported largely by taxes, expect to pay much higher taxes in Canada than in India. With that said, the earning or business opportunities are much higher paying in Canada.
I hope this post gives an idea of some differences. The decision of whether to immigrate to Canada from India is no longer black and white and dynamic is quickly changing and worth reanalysing especially if you are in tech industry.    

Is Your Website Mobile App Ready?

The Internet is flooded with information about mobile app development and website designing & development. Even we have discussed a lot about it, but what is the point of discussing mobile app development, if your website is not mobile app ready? Let us talk about whether your website is ready for a mobile app or not. Image result for mobile app Before jumping into the main topic, let us first check out few pros and cons of having mobile apps-


  • According to the stats, people usually spend more than two hours a day on their mobile phones interacting with different apps. They are highly popular and a great source of expanding the business.
  • It can be a great source of income and business expansion but is limited by your imagination.
  • It allows you to increase your user base, engage new users, converting visitors into customers. And all these things depend on the UI & UX of the app.


  • Need extra maintenance, even the smallest technical glitches can change a user’s mind.
  • Extra marketing is required. Submitting an app on the AppStore is not enough, you need to promote it initially for better business opportunities.
Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of the mobile apps, let us go to the main point, and find out whether your website is mobile app ready or not-

1. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

Blindly jumping into the mobile app market could be a total disaster for you. Before developing a mobile app, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. It makes your work easier while determining which features would translate well to the new platform and show where do you need improvement or which parts have to be created from the beginning.

2. User’s behavior

Image result for user behavior analytics Well, this where analytics work well. You should check what kind of audience you will be dealing with, which devices are they using, which is their most favorite page on the website, etc. Analyzing these things can make your app better and will give you a rough idea about whether to invest in a mobile app or not.

3. Analyze the functionality

Image result for functionality analysis The functionality of a website is different from a mobile app in many ways. You need to sort out what functionalities can be provided in your mobile app, what are the possible things a user could do, is it possible to create an app with the same functionality as your website, how simple the processes should be, etc. Once you have analyzed the functionality, you will be able to get answers of many questions.

4. Backend support

Image result for backend website support The bigger your app become, the more glitches will come on your website if you do not check the backend support in advance. Backend support is one of the most important parts of a website. Your website host may or may not support the mobile app as the user count of the app increases.

5. Brand consistency

Image result for brand consistency You must be wondering what brand consistency has to do with developing a mobile app? Ironically, it is directly related. An app should be simple to use, but it does not mean that you have to compromise with your brand’s value and consistency. If your website has a solid branding, it will be very easy to develop an app that falls in line with your website.
After considering these points you must have a good idea about the audience, the nature of your app, the strengths, and weaknesses of your website. Now you can turn your website into a mobile app as it could be a great business asset and extension to your business. It is necessary to analyze these things beforehand as it could save a lot of the time and funding.

5 reason why Website Designing is the First Step Toward a Successful Business

We are in digital age and no matter how much we try to run away from spending money on designing a good website, all of us come to a dead end. If you are running a business, the very first step to getting your first client is to make a full-fledged website. According to a survey, there are still 30% companies who do not have a website. Also, there are 70-75% companies those have websites but they do not keep their websites up-to-date. Image result for website redesigning But the very first thing comes to mind is “WHY WEBSITE DESIGNING IS IMPORTANT FOR MY COMPANY?” So, we are here to answer this question to you. Here are 5 reasons why website designing is the first step toward a successful business:

1. It catches million of eyeballs and increase your reach and presence

Image result for website designing

Who doesn’t use the internet now? I guess there is hardly any person who is away from technology. Having a responsive and good website increases your presence in the world. No matter in which corner of the world you are, if you have a website it will definitely give you an exposure.

2. A website gives you competitive edge

Image result for why us? No matter how good your product is, how smart solutions you have or how experienced your staff is; if you do not have a website, the potential customers and clients would not be able to reach you. In the end, they will find an alternative for you. All in all, having a website gives you a competitive edge as compared to your competitors.

3. A website reduces cost

Image result for website planning Now you must be wondering, making a website itself is an extra cost but it actually is a cost effective way toward a better future. Now ask yourself, how does website reduce the cost? Basically, it reduces your marketing cost, publishing cost and communication cost as well. Initial marketing might be required, but in long-term it reduces your marketing cost. 

4. It keeps your customers well-informed

Image result for find us here People don’t buy magazines and newspapers anymore, they keep applications in their mobiles. Similarly, you need to get over from the old-fashioned ways of doing business and keep your users engaged and well-informed with your website. Setting up a customer service backend office is not the only way to keep the user well-informed. You should also make your website informative and smart.

5. Increases credibility, trust and keeps you in touch with customer

Image result for we're here to help Accept it or not, if you have a website, you are available 24×7 a day according to your customer. Your online presence increases your credibility, trust and keeps you in touch with your customer. If you have a good online presence, the user trusts you more.

Now, what is the conclusion of these things?

All we are trying to say is every business, whether it is a small scale business or a full-fledged business, needs a website. It has its own advantages. It gives you benefit in its own way in the long run. We, at Enbake, are focusing on giving our clients the best of our services by providing them SEO friendly, user-friendly, easy-to-use and informative websites.